Realistic Resolutions: Feel Good 2018

Honesty Hour: How many of you say every year that you’re going to get fit and healthy, only to look back at the end and find you’ve DEFINITELY not stuck to that plan?

It’s okay, it’s completely human and to be expected, but I don’t see why it should be routine each year. This doesn’t mean to say we shouldn’t strive for a healthier year, but I think its’s time to focus less on the weight and inches, and more on getting our spring back and feeling fab. So here’s my resolutions for the year ahead:

Have a 3:2 method

One of the reasons I would often find my regime falling off the wagon was because I would go through the motions of working out all week for about two weeks or so… and then I would give up for a month and eat even more crap. So my new plan is to do two days of extra effort exercise (for me that is zumba and pole) and then have three days of short, gentle workouts such as lightly jogging or Wii Fit.

Find more adventures

Over Christmas I have been driving around with Larry and we have passed some beautiful areas in the UK that I really want to explore, and there’s so many activities I keep seeing online that I want to take part in… So why am I not doing it!? I want to go hiking, trampolining, dancing… anything!

Prep more food

I know, I know… I love my food prep. However, with the schedule I have, I often forget and end up too tired to make anything when I get in from work (six days a week is enough to exhaust a gal). So I’ll be writing up a prep plan, which I will be sharing with you guys, and my fridge/freezer will be packed with all my favourite healthy meals!

Listen to my body more

Another problem I have come across when trying to stay fit was learning to rest and relax. I work so much, but my one day off a week is normally spent catching up on everything I haven’t done at home during the week. I’m planning on spending an hour an evening on my blogs so that my day off can be completely dedicated to myself! I’ve also booked more holidays from work so I can get a good few weeks off until the end of the work year.

Stop beating myself up over my indulgences

It’s not worth it. The chocolate was eaten. Move on and do better the next day.

I don’t want to look back on 2018 and think that I didn’t stick to anything that I knew would be good for me. I don’t want to set resolutions that feel unattainable and eventually become nothing. I want a year where I don’t worry about my weight, my body shape or anything like that.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018! What are your resolutions for the year?

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Alternative Exercise! 5 ways to keep your mind stimulated.

One of the main reasons for my blog is that I’m not a regular fitness blogger. Exercise is important, but I don’t feel like it’s something your have to focus your life around, and there is an area I feel we don’t cover enough: Our minds.

Whenever it gets colder I find myself wanting to go out less, but I need to keep my mind stimulated. So I bought myself a few things to keep myself busy during rainy days, and I feel so much better for it.

1. Sudoku or Puzzle Books

I found this little beauty in Poundland of all places! But cuteness aside I looooove Sudoku. I can get around 3/4 done in a couple of hours. There are many studies that suggest puzzles can help our brains as we get older, but personally, I feel at peace while I’m doing it as well.

2. Reading/Audiobooks


Who doesn’t love a good book? I’m not the biggest reader, so when I buy a book I make it my mission to complete it. I’m currently working my way through The Help by Kathryn Stockett. If you’re not a big reader, however, I recommend using Audible and spend an hour or two laying down and having a listen. It’s a great way to help your mind relax before bed.

3. Art Therapy


I’ve always been the artsy type, but I’m no longer a teenager. I don’t have as much time to be getting the easel out and whip up a painting, and sometimes I don’t have the brain power to do any decent drawings, but adult colouring really helps bring out my creative side.

4. Bullet Journals

I want to write a fuller piece on this as I am really into my new bullet journal. It keeps my mind and my life organised, and I can style it any way I wish. Not only do I feel on top of things, my creative side is brought out as I like to design each page differently.

5. Learn a new language


I’ve spoken about Memrise before when I was on Tumblr, but it’s the best app I have come across for learning a new language when you don’t have all the time in the world. What I love the most about this app, is that it gets you THINKING in the language you wish to learn. I use it for learning Korean, but there’s a whole list of languages to choose from!


A bonus to all these is that I save money in the long run by keeping myself distracted from going out and finding something to do. Though some days I will send myself to a local cafe, just so I’m out the house, I would still be spending half of what I normally would on a day out. What do you do to exercise your mind?

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