Let’s Collab!

It comes as no surprise that as a blogger, I appreciate the opportunity to work with brands, charities and other bloggers for projects and campaigns. What I would like to make clear, however, is that I don’t like to take an opportunity simply for the sake of a free product or payment.

Blogger opportunities may seem rare if I were to narrow down the kind of work I will take, but I would rather have less given work and continue to share my values than to consistently write about things that mean nothing to me.

So, what topics will I cover?

  • Vegan and healthy food
  • Cruelty-free skin care
  • Anything that benefits financial health
  • Exercise and days out
  • Women’s organisations
  • Health organisations

My Media Pack

If you want to know a bit more, check out my media pack here.

If you think that your brand, blog or business would benefit from collaborating with me, then feel free to get in touch by dropping me an email.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

LaceyFitspo xx