New Years Resolutions for Pole Dancers and Aerialists

The New Year is the perfect time for us to start fresh and make a promise to ourselves to do better in one area. And if you’re a pole dancer or aerialist, you may have some goals in mind to keep yourself on track. But if you’re not sure what changes you’d like to make in the new year, here are some suggestions. They’re not all entirely pole/aerial related but they may be helpful to some…


Online Pole Guides and TikTok Tutorials

For some time now I have had conflicted feelings about pole dancers using social media to provide online pole guides, especially TikTok tutorials. I seem to go back and forth in my head about whether it’s safe, where the responsibility lies, should they have some sort of qualification or professional experience, and so on. So, I’ve decided to throw together my thoughts and see if it helps me come to a conclusion!

strip clubs

Dear Blackpool Council, strip clubs are not your problem, it’s everything else

I’m writing this quite rapidly and you regular readers know I’m not much of a political writer, so apologies in advance if you think I’m missing something in any of my points. I’m open to discussion about anything you think I should mention, so please leave a comment on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else you see this article (I’m a small writer so it won’t get very far but you get the gist).

Pole, Aerial and Beyond: Online Docs and Dramas to binge-watch

There is a lot of time to be spent binge-watching your favourite shows at the moment. I don’t know about you, but I have been curating lists on as many streaming platforms as possible to keep my mind entertained each day. And as I was scrolling through the free content available on All4 the other day, I found a few documentaries that were quite specific to the pole, aerial, and general “alternative” female lifestyles (I really don’t know how to describe such a broad term). So, I decided to hunt down as many as I can.


Time to catch up!

After the success of my last article, I have found myself struggling to find things to say. It’s not because of anything negative, but because so many of you read it that I think I’m feeling the pressure to top it! I don’t think I will find anything worth writing about until I just start, so I guess that’s what I’m doing now.


LaceyFitspo is Changing…

A lot is changing on this website. Last week I made the decision to bring more focus to my pole and aerial journey, and I was shocked by how successful it was! So many of you read my piece on what to expect when you start pole, and I was overwhelmed with the responses. So, I thought I should take the time to let you know how things will go down at LaceyFitspo from now on.


The Exercise Mistakes We Make When We Do Too Much, Too Soon

Getting healthy and reclaiming your life is partly to do with getting a good quality exercise regime. As we all know, going outdoors, or staying in and doing a good quality workout will do plenty for your body, as well as your mind. But when we make the decision that we want to get back on the horse and finally get fit and healthy, surprisingly, we can end up falling flat before we take off. We can make a big mistake when starting an exercise regime, and this is to do with doing too much, too soon. But why is this, and what other mistakes do we make when we embark on a fitness regime?


Bouncing Back from Christmas Overspending

There is no denying that Christmas is a fantastic time of year. You get to spend time with those who are important to you and you get to give them a few treats too. The only trouble with Christmas is that it is all too easy to overspend, which means that as soon as January comes around you are going to be feeling grey and miserable. As well as a little poor too. (more…)

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