Though we may only be halfway through September, I’m already aware of the seasonal changes we are soon to face over the next few months. The sun is setting sooner and it won’t be long until we’d rather be tucked up in bed than out in the cold. This is why I want to get ahead of the pole fatigue before it has a chance to strike!

Pole Fatigue: making a plan that works for you

I don’t necessarily work 9-5, given that my role often involves weekend photoshoots at KEP. So for me, I cannot stick to a weekly routine. This can often interfere with my goals, which is why this autumn I have set myself a new plan that works around my hours. Instead of training every single week, I’m allowing myself to only train on Mondays if I am in the office. It’s a triple whammy of classes, which may seem like overkill, but it allows me the rest of the week to do what I like. Sometimes this will consist of additional training, other times I will work on personal creative projects. And there will be times where I just want to sit in front of the telly with a cosy blanket and a cup of tea (especially when Bake Off starts back up again!)

Of course, this isn’t a routine that would work for everyone. And my advice here isn’t to copy what I’m doing. It’s all about looking at your current routine and figuring out what would be most convenient. Perhaps you would prefer to head straight to the studio after work instead of going home first (that never worked in my favour). Or maybe you’d rather attend morning classes to get your training out of the way? I tend to look at my calendar to figure out what is doable that month and book no more than two weeks in advance. Any longer and I will find myself cancelling due to other commitments or events I may not have considered. Which, as a result, can often be inconvenient for the studio depending on how last-minute you leave it!

Finding fitness alternatives

I have found that by limiting my pre-planned commitment to the studio, I can find other ways to get a little bit of exercise if I don’t have the energy to train more than one day out of the week. I even made myself a lazy workout playlist on YouTube for those days where I feel like I want to move, but only a little bit.

Check your wellbeing each day

While I don’t completely have this step down yet, I’m making an effort to check my wellbeing each day in case I sense something that may get in the way of my training. If I catch on quickly enough, I can cancel my upcoming class, get my booking slot back to use another time, and give someone else the chance to take my place that day. It also means I slow down before I get the chance to burn out!

Eat just a little bit better

Guys, it’s finally soup season! Does anyone else take advantage of this? Is it just me? I cannot avoid my veggies around this time of year because all I wanna do is come home to a chunky soup with a crusty bread roll and inhale it! And given that the common cold will be making the rounds again, it’s time to stock up on vitamins and minerals. Get some goodness in you for the sake of your health, let alone your training! If you’re keen to learn what’s in season, here is a handy source for you to read through.

What’s your winter pole routine like?

I’m keen to know if you have a different plan for the colder seasons, so please let me know in the comment section, or let me know on Instagram and Facebook what your winter routine will look like!

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