It’s been a while since I shared anything, but I am very excited to be back with this article! This is my first gifted item that is pole related and oh boyyyyy is it a good one! I have teamed up with Superfly Honey to check out their sticky leggings, and I’ll tell you now, I have nothing but nice things to say! So, let’s cut the chit chat and jump straight into everything you must know about these bad boys…

The Superfly Honey Grip

I had minor doubt when these leggings arrived. While the photos on the Superfly Honey website showed the leggings in action, part of me thought “will this pattern provide the grip I need?” The pattern is visually stunning, with swirls and snowflakes twirling throughout the material. However, you will notice more blank space between the pattern than you’d expect.

Fortunately, after rigorous testing, there is more than enough grip pattern to keep your legs locked into position. Even my genie sit wouldn’t slip out of place! So, I can confirm that you needn’t worry if you think the grip pattern looks doubtful. The design offers plenty of grip assistance without compromising style.

Superfly Honey Katherine Elizabeth Photography
Image by Katherine Elizabeth Photography


Let’s talk about the design and fit. I chose the Sticky Snowlace leggings in pink, which matches my hair perfectly! While the weather is warm, I’m digging the hot pink vibe, so these are perfect for me (despite the fact that they will likely get more use in winter, but let’s ignore that for now).

I really love the pattern. As soon as the seasons change, I will be throwing myself into wintry Christmas vibes. The grip pattern will look wonderful once we’re deep into winter, so it’ll certainly perk me up when summer reaches an end.

If you need help choosing the best size for you, their size guide is something to not overlook. I’m a UK 10-12 on the hips, which is normally a medium in leggings. However, I ordered a large as per the size guide and I’m glad I didn’t run with my usual instincts. They fit so comfortably! The stretch abilities are somewhat strict, which I assume is to ensure they won’t pull out of place when training. I also appreciate the stirrups that will aid your foot grip.

And the best feature? There’s a tiny pocket for your Dry Hands!

Superfly honey Katherine Elizabeth Photography
image by Katherine Elizabeth Photography


I also received a lovely pair of toekinis in black for my Pleasers. I had a slight panic because I thought I ordered too big a size until I realised they are designed to be folded to adapt to different platform heights! These are wonderful for keeping your performance heels in top condition while in training, I couldn’t recommend them enough.

I think that’s all I have to say so far! Expect to see a lot of content on Facebook and Instagram where I praise these leggings. They will be my saviour in winter, so I urge you to get yourself some now before demand rises!

Shop Superfly Honey here

Disclaimer: This article contains products that have been gifted for review.
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