Okay, I get it. The idea of self-isolation SUCKS! I’m writing this on Paddy’s day when I’m supposed to be out painting the town green with my gal pals, but it seems Covid 19 has other plans. And hey, I completely understand that this is for our own safety! But the idea of hiding from the rest of the world certainly feels like a bit of a drag. This is why I’m here to help you make the most of your time indoors with my “How to self-isolate” guide!

How to self-isolate: creating indoor fun

I’ve asked my friends what they plan to do with their time indoors and gathered links and resources to help keep you entertained without having to leave your front door. So, keep reading if you’d like to kill your boredom!

Keep moving

From fitness games to free YouTube workout guides, there is plenty available to keep yourself moving, most of which are free! If you have a Nintendo Switch, Wii, Xbox etc, you can keep yourself moving with Zumba and Just Dance. If you just have the internet, here are some great YouTube channels to start you off:

Bonus for pole dancers and Aerialists!

For my aerialist friends, do not fret. If you know of Siren Asylum, you will likely be aware of their recent announcement regarding their new Patreon account! Starting from £30 a month, you can train from home to help progress in the studio. I highly recommend giving them a follow and signing up for one of their monthly services.

Sign up here!

Add new skills to your CV with free online courses

Did you know there are thousands of free online courses designed to help you progress in your career? Here are just a few:

Deep clean and declutter

I won’t lie, the idea of spending all day cleaning sounds like an absolute bore. However, if you declutter one room a day, you will be so satisfied with the results! You may even rearrange your furniture to make your home feel completely fresh and new. And we all know the fun of finding things you have buried in boxes over the years!

Meal prep

If you have ever needed an excuse to dedicate a day to cooking healthy meals for the rest of the week, this is it. These recipes needn’t be complicated either! You can put together easy tray bakes, one-pot meals, pies, etc, that can be prepped in under an hour. Here are some recipes I absolutely love:

I actually meal prepped this pizza made from ingredients I had lying around the kitchen. Would you like the recipe? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook!

I should also add that there are many recipes out there that can be easily made vegan. I love Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredient cookbook as I only need to make one or two swaps!


Do you have flour? Milk? Other baking ingredients? Good. You know what to do.

Look at your finances

If you are going to self-isolate, now could be a good time to take a look at your current spending routine and see what changes you can make. This may actually benefit you in the upcoming months due to how many businesses are on pause.

Learn a language

Did you know you can learn almost any language on the internet for free? From DuoLingo to Memrise, there are plenty of language learning platforms to help you gain multilingual skills!

Learn to draw (or improve your current artist skills)

There are so many places online that can help you gain artistic skills, something which many websites have already discussed. Here is an article with numerous links to help you expand your creativity!

Create a home cinema

Dim the lights. Grab the popcorn. Get comfy… With plenty of streaming services available, you can keep yourself entertained with thousands of movies while you self-isolate.

And finally…

Animal Crossing anyone!?

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