After the success of my last article, I have found myself struggling to find things to say. It’s not because of anything negative, but because so many of you read it that I think I’m feeling the pressure to top it! I don’t think I will find anything worth writing about until I just start, so I guess that’s what I’m doing now.

I thought I might ramble on about my current pole/hoop progress, what else I’ve been up to and what there is for me (and you) to look forward to over the next few months or so. So, grab a brew and a biscuit and let’s natter!

My current pole/hoop progress

I think I’m finally learning more about how my body responds to training. I used to go through phases where I would try and smash it, only to not return for quite a few weeks. I would also book tons of classes in advance, only to feel fatigued and cancel on the day. I’ve since decided to stop doing this. Instead, I pack a pole kit to carry with me to work, and if I have the energy (and I haven’t missed my chance), I’ll book a class or two on the day.

Since I have implemented this new routine, I’ve had instructors comment on my strength improving. This could just apply to me, but if you think you’re facing the same problem, I recommend giving this a try!

This was actually suggested to me by a friend, so I’m not gonna take credit for this tip if it works!

What have I been doing?

The last few months have been somewhat of a whirlwind for me. It has been a busy time for myself and Katherin Elizabeth Photography, with photoshoots coming out of our ears! It’s been amazing to meet so many wonderful people of all levels who blew us away with their sass and pizzazz. We took a well-deserved break from Christmas, but we have a busy year ahead (which we will get to later).

I have also opened my own shop! Depop has always been a small side hustle of mine, but I have been finding ways to give old clothes a new lease of life in a way that matches my personality. So, what did I do? I started 1up Store. I even had a stall at Bolton Comic Con and it was a HUGE success!

What is there to look forward to?

Working with Kat will continue, as we have studios booked up throughout 2020, and even a waiting list for 2021! We cannot wait to see you all again and we are excited to meet plenty of new faces.

I’m also going to Japan!

This has been in motion for over a year now, but now it’s finally 2020, I feel like I could shout it from the rooftops! I’ll be spending two weeks of summer travelling around the beauty that is Japan, and I’ll be taking Larry with me. It’s my first time visiting, though long overdue. I have wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. I don’t even remember a time when this wasn’t a dream of mine!

I plan to put together a long series regarding my visit, with at least one piece a fortnight. I even have a list of topics ready to go, and we’re not going for another 6 months! So stay tuned for that adventure…

Well, I have rambled on for long enough. I hope you remembered to drink your brew and you didn’t let it go cold. I have a feeling I’m over my writer’s block, at least for now anyway.

If you made it to the end, I salute you.

Until next time!

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