Getting healthy and reclaiming your life is partly to do with getting a good quality exercise regime. As we all know, going outdoors, or staying in and doing a good quality workout will do plenty for your body, as well as your mind. But when we make the decision that we want to get back on the horse and finally get fit and healthy, surprisingly, we can end up falling flat before we take off. We can make a big mistake when starting an exercise regime, and this is to do with doing too much, too soon. But why is this, and what other mistakes do we make when we embark on a fitness regime?

Overtraining At The Outset

We can feel that we want to make up for lost time, especially if we’re getting on in years, and there are various reasons for feeling this temptation. We could go to a gym and see other people lifting heavy, and we have that desire to catch up. On the other hand, the age we’re at sufficiently impacts what we have to do in order to get back to a certain level of fitness. Either way, overtraining is incredibly detrimental. Overtraining, and pushing ourselves more than ever only results in us giving up. This is why we see so many people give up their gym memberships, so soon after the new year’s resolution to get fit and lose weight! Instead, to overcome this barrier, we need to listen to our bodies and ensure that we’re doing what is just enough for our body to cope with. Instead of going all out at the very beginning, we need to give our body time to acclimatize. Because if we don’t, we get unwell, and this sets us back even more. Before you know it, the temptation to give up is a very real one.

Inadequate Refueling

A common mistake that people make when they start a new exercise regime is to push their body, but eat a lot less than what they used to, mistakenly thinking that this is the best way to lose weight. But when we put our body under any form of duress, it will result in symptoms that are incredibly painful. If we don’t refuel ourselves properly, we get unwell, but we can feel lethargic, dehydrated, and struggle to even get by day to day. There are many ways of how to treat dehydration, but when we consider the fact that our body getting unwell is giving us the clear message that we need to take it easy, adequate refuelling becomes a priority. Protein isn’t just for those that want to build muscle, it’s an essential part of rebuilding our body down to the smallest of cells. You can’t just exercise your way to a healthier life, diet has a lot to do with it also!

A Lack Of Focus

While the first two points are all about the physical aspect of training, this isn’t the entire story. Your attitudes, and specifically, your goals are integral to an effective exercise regime. This is one of the biggest mistakes we can all make. Because if we don’t have the goals at the forefront of our mind, it will make our workouts very unfocused. As a result, we go to the gym without any clear definition of what we want, nor do we know how to achieve anything. A personal trainer can help, but you need to know exactly what you want. And it’s not about saying that you want to “lose weight”, you need to have clear, defined goals. Once you know exactly what you want, you can craft a workout that puts you in the direction of those goals. You want to get stronger? You train with weights and specifically perform compound movements. You want to lose a certain amount of weight? You decide on your ideal body mass index, and you then undertake the necessary exercises to reach your target weight in a healthy manner. The best advice anybody can receive when it comes to exercising is to have a goal firmly implanted in their mind, because this doesn’t just structure your exercises, but it gives you that focus that’s needed when workouts get tough.

The best exercise regimes in the world are structured effectively, but we can all make big mistakes, no matter how experienced we are. Because of that temptation to catch up, we can overtrain, and while we think that this is a good thing, ensuring that you play the long game instead of annihilating your body at the outset, is the real key to getting healthy.

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