The idea of living zero-waste thought by many to be too difficult to achieve. If This is due to the lack of tools and products readily available. Luckily, some businesses want to change that.

Living Zero-Waste with M20 Refills

Here in Manchester, there are new zero-waste and ethical living shops popping up each week. M20 Refills is one that particularly stands out due to their methods of selling. Imagine having a local business deliver your eco-friendly cleaning and body care essentials every week just like the local milkman? M20 Refills does just that.

I spoke with them to learn more about how they work, their plans for the future and their views on living a zero-waste lifestyle.

What made you decide to start this company?

We were frustrated at the lack of plastic-free products that we use every day at home, so we had been thinking about starting up a refill service of some sort. Then one night we were watching TV and the idea just hit me, to start a milkman like service of these products.

What would you say is the biggest issue domestic homes face when it comes to a zero-waste lifestyle?

Cost and availability. Sadly, people are still heavily influenced by the low prices of products in the supermarkets. Buying eco-friendly or plastic free products can cost 5 times as much. This makes it unaffordable for many people. Also, if you have to travel a long distance to find it, that puts people off.


Do you see a future for other towns and cities following your way of business?

Absolutely, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be available to everyone! Currently, the market is strongest in more affluent areas, but the more people buy these products, the cheaper the prices will end up as there will be more competition on the market.

What are your best sellers? Why do you think that is?

Laundry liquid, fabric softener and dishwasher tablets. They are popular because they are regularly used items. It’s easy for people to switch from conventional supermarket brands to eco-friendly alternatives.

Do you see M20 Refills expanding to other parts of Manchester or the UK?

That is the plan. The challenge is working out how to scale the business and finding people who want to work with us! Currently, our delivery areas are expanding every week. North Manchester is the next major target.

Do you have any new products you could tease us with?

We are always looking at new products and have just launched Fit Pit deodorants, which are hugely popular. What’s more, we have launched Naissance almond oil and Friendly Soap bars. We’re looking to supply a range of baby bath products which we think will be really popular, so watch this space!

Want zero-waste goods delivered to your door? Check out M20 Refills here.

Image Credit: M20 Instagram


  1. I love this post and how it’s spreading awareness for zero waste products, I think it’s something we really need to try to do as a society. Excess packaging really bugs me! xx

    • Lacey

      It’s certainly a wonderful way to keep packaging to the absolute minimum, especially when it comes to items such as cleaning products!

  2. Group Buy SEO Tools

    This is such a fab concept! There needs to be more businesses like this.

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