I feel like this should have been the first in my Christmas series. I think I was too excited to share my tips for alternatives to traditional wrapping paper that I forgot to begin with an overview. This year, I am hoping for a zero-waste Christmas. I mean, I want a completely zero-waste life, but Christmas is always packed with waste. We buy wrapping paper, crackers, tinsel, and more. These are all things that will simply be thrown away and replaced the following year.

Planning a Zero-Waste Christmas

If you don’t know where to begin, I recommend writing a list of everything you would normally buy for this time of the year. Continuously make a note everything you would even consider purchasing. Then you can decide if you should find a zero-waste alternative for each item, or if it’s something you can live without. If you can live without it, then you should save yourself some money.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.


If you’re in need of a few new decorations this year, you don’t need to buy brand-new. You can save a fair few pennies by hitting the charity shops or looking around online for second-hand items. Better yet, if you’re crafty, you could make your own from recycled materials. Check out these ideas that are certainly Pinterest-worthy!

Christmas Crackers

I think Christmas crackers annoy me the most. They’re fun for a moment, but they always end up in the bin. What’s worse, whatever gizmos come in each one are rarely kept. They’re just tacky bits of plastic that are quickly disposed of! I recently came across Keep This Cracker, a company who specialises in celebration crackers that can be reused and refilled throughout the year. I am not hosting a Christmas dinner this year, but I’ll be buying some for the future. If that’s not your thing, I also came across this pack of eco-friendly crackers. It’s a bigger investment, but you certainly get much more that may last you a few years.

Make your own snacks

You don’t need to buy tubs of cheesy biscuits and crisps for the Christmas party this year. Get creative and make your own! I have a few recipes rolled up my sleeve that I cannot wait to share with you. Until then, check out this list I found!

Save the Scraps

No food shall go to waste this year! from vegetable skins to bits that never made it to your plate, it’s worth looking around online for ideas to reuse food. Of course, I always go for the easy option and turn the leftover roast into sandwiches. As for the vegetable scraps, they can be frozen and used for a stock at a later date. You can also freeze any leftover wine (if there’s any left).

Alternative Wrapping Paper

I won’t go into too many details here. If you’d like to learn about ways in which you can go eco-friendly with your wrapping paper, click here.

Let me know your Thoughts

These are just a few of many things you could do to up your green game this Christmas. If you have any suggestions of your own, I’d love to hear them! Let me know what you’re doing to aim for a zero-waste Christmas this year.

LaceyFitspo xx


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