So, here’s the thing. I want people to save money on fitness. I don’t always believe that you need to pay through the roof for a good workout, but there are some exceptions. This week, I shall be talking about the value of fitness.

The Value of Fitness

The Value of Fitness


How do we Define the Value of Fitness?

I’ll begin by telling you the end of my experience with P1 Gym. The cost would come as a small shock if I gave you the number first, so I want to tell you what I said to my friends after my visit. It will make sense later on.

As pole dancers, we are passionate about getting as much training as we possibly can. The more passionate we become, the more we are willing to pay for our training. Many of us will spend £100 a month on unlimited training and class passes. Why? Because it’s important to us!


The Lovely Abby at P1 Gym


This isn’t just something that can be applied to pole fitness. If you want to throw yourself into a passion, it sometimes requires a cost. P1 Gym is a place that offers you what you pay for, plus a bit more. Okay, so you’re now probably wondering, “But, how much is it?” Well, it’s between £55 and £100 a month, but let’s break down exactly what you could get before your head falls off!

P1 is not your Standard Gym

It’s important to understand that the service at P1 Gym differs from your standard chain. In the last five years, I have spent between £12 and £25 a month on gym memberships. What did I get from them? a queue for any machinery that’s worth using, men asking me if I need help (because apparently, women don’t use free weights) and classes with people shouting into a microphone.

The only time I ever truly stuck to a gym routine was when I had a group with me who were willing to attend at least twice a week or had a few classes to attend. Once my friends lost the motivation, so did I. Once my favourite classes were cancelled, I didn’t feel motivated by what was left. Safe to say, there was nothing about the gyms in particular that kept me going back.

What you get at P1 Gym

At P1 Gym, however, things are done a little differently. With a membership cap, you won’t ever need to worry about long queues for anything you wish to use. In the event that something may be in use, the team have a list of things you can do to keep active. When it comes to classes, there isn’t a studio space. Instead, you can take part in their group HIIT training sessions that you can drop in and out of at any time during the 2-hour session. Everyone here is part of a team. This includes both the staff and the members!

You also receive one free personal training session a month. A personal training session usually costs around £40. That’s more than half of your membership already covered! You will also get a personal plan to help keep yourself on track, as well as a lunch deal with the Porky Pig just down the road (veggie and vegan options are available). This is a perfect place if you want to take your fitness journey seriously and work in town.

What’s more, they have a full body scanner that can accurately tell you everything you need to know about your body size, weight, fat percentage and more! I actually feel like I just undersold it, but it’s an insane piece of technology used by many industry experts. Just trust me on this one.


Cupcakes courtesy of GO|PR


My session

I didn’t just take a look around and talk about what the gym had to offer, I had a go myself! Peter, who owns the gym with his lovely wife, Abby, threw me into the deep end for my first ever PT session. Oh, what was that? How was it? I couldn’t walk for days.

Jokes aside, I was incredibly impressed with the amount of work Peter encouraged me to put into my workout. I learned that I may be strong in the studio, but not so much in a HIIT environment. However, just when I thought I wasn’t able to continue, I was hit with a second win and I was pushing myself! Their approach to how you burn fat and gain muscle certainly differs from a typical gym session. I had fun, I was excited to move onto the next activity and I’d definitely love to try it again in the future.


The Value of Fitness

I cannot lie, this was too fun to punch and kick!



I think I could go on and on about the benefits of P1 Gym, but I’ll just say this: You can only get out of exercise what you put into it. P1 Gym is a place that offers you every helping hand you need if you struggle to motivate yourself. Fitness can only have any real value if you give it value through effort. I believe P1 Gym can do that.

The Value of Fitness

I could lift all of these…




I also attended their launch event the following week, hosted by GO|PR. It was a really fun evening, with cupcakes, juices and plenty of good company. I was joined by my Bunch Club pals Jacinta and Pablo, who decided to have a match halfway through the night!

The Value of Fitness

I posted this on my Instagram story and asked who would win in a fight… the outlook was not good for Pablo…



  1. eleanorgraceful

    I think this gym sounds great, and I love the fact that a personal training session is included because they really listen to what you want to achieve. Great post 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks Ellie! They really are a wonderful gym if you want to make a real effort to impriove your health.

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