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Here’s a shocker: pole wear is expensive. Unless you purchase a generic sports bra and shots, anything that makes you stand out in the studio can be quite costly. I own one official pole outfit. It cost me £45 on sale. So, what do I wear instead of pole wear? I like to use swimwear for pole fitness.

swimwear for pole

Looking on RoseGal for Swimwear for Pole Fitness

I’m not going to lie, there are affiliate links in this article. However, I have shopped on RoseGal many times before for my pole/swimwear. I think it’s a great website for buying affordable options for the studio! I’m sure you have seen many of my purchases if you happen to follow my Instagram. So, I have decided to share a few of my latest top pics to inspire you!

Halter floral bikini


I picked out this piece, simply because I thought the floral print on the front was cute. The halterneck will keep you tucked in and secure while you invert and butterfly. So, this is a cute, safe option for those who don’t feel too daring.

Cross neck bikini


You can’t go wrong with a little black number. The crossed neck is ideal for keeping yourself secure if you’re a bit larger on the chest. This is a perfect option for when you’re just doing a bit of basic training but still want to slay.

Blue halterneck bikini


I’m not usually a fan of blue tones (opposite of pink so…), but I love the textured pattern on this! If you’re a fan of all things boho then I say go for this. The almost denim style from this is certainly different to your typical sporty getup! This one is definitely going in my basket.

Pink hollow one-piece


I love me some pink, but I also love to stand out more. This piece grabbed my eyes so fast. I can often feel uncomfortable in a two-piece (though I try to not let my insecurities get to me). However, this is great for showing a bit of skin while still feeling covered up! The gaps in this are perfect for skin grip around your waist without wearing two separate items.

Plus Size Fifties Style Two-piece


I don’t think it would be right for me to talk about items that are only suited for smaller sizes. I’m all about BoSpo, so I thought I would find a few items for my gals with sexy curves. This was the first thing to catch my eye, and you can see why. the fifties were made for curves!

Tropical Florals


This two-piece is absolutely stunning! I really love the way the straps line around the chest to create almost a geometric effect. I don’t know why, but my favourite bit is the laddering on the bottoms. I think it just helps the overall design appear bolder and more attention-grabbing. I also found it in lilac!

Another Little Black Number


All of us need a little black number, and here is a show stopper for plus size gals! I love the entire thing. I literally cannot decide if I prefer the bustier or the slits on the sides of the bottoms. I think the entire thing looks absolutely amazing and I’d like 10 in my size, please.

To Conclude, Swimwear is a Great Affordable Alternative

By choosing to shop swimwear instead of pole wear, you can save yourself a fair bit of cash while still looking fab in the studio! I have been doing this for many years and I can’t imagine spending so much on proper kit (unless I were competing of course). I hope these RoseGal items have inspired you to look for other options when it comes to kitting out your poledrobe!


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