Have you ever put yourself on a mission to get your life together? If so, you will know that it’s not an easy task. From the day I left home, I was adamant to live my life to the fullest. However, it was a tough learning curve. Saving money was never my strong point, nor was living a healthy life. I’m now on my way thanks to the lifestyle planner.

Before I Created the Lifestyle Planner

This year I decided to fully commit to getting my life in order. I began by splitting my finances into different bank accounts so I knew what money would be spent where. I also took a good hard look at the things I spent a lot of my money on. This mostly consisted of coffee and clothes. Did you know I used to spend £80 a month in cafes alone!? I was so shocked when I learned this, so I knew I needed to cut back. I also learned that almost every weekend involved some excuse to spend money. This needed to change.


Introducing the Lifestyle Planner

So, at the beginning of July, I decided to create a little spreadsheet, which I have called the lifestyle planner. It started off with the basics: my current balance, my monthly outgoings, incomings and any events I knew would involve money and add a budget. I then added weekly calendar tabs. This information includes my daily activities, plus meal planning and my budget for each day (if I choose to spend anything).

I then decided to include two lists at the bottom. One to make note of mistakes I had been making, and another to make note of my accomplishments that week. By the end of the week, I would be able to read back on my errors so I know what mistakes to avoid and what to aim for next time.

Supermarket Planning

The second thing I added was a shopping list. We don’t normally write out a list before we do a food shop as we tend to buy the same things. However, I noticed that when we buy something with a certain meal in mind, we often forget about it and sometimes food goes to waste. We also would buy things we think we didn’t have and end up with double, or forget to buy things we do need.


So this list can be made every month (or week, depending on how often you shop) and I then thought I would keep a list of recipes that are simple and affordable so that I’m never stuck for ideas. It would also ensure I stick to eating the right foods.

Fitness and Activities

It’s also important for me to reconsider my exercise. I still do Zumba once a week, and I struggle to continue with pole training without joining a class, so those are my two expenses. However, I decided to make a list of all the free forms of exercise, meaning there is no excuse to not work out in between my classes.

What’s more, I wrote a list of all the free activities I could be doing in my spare time, for both sunny and rainy days. This meant there is no excuse for shopping or any other activities I need to pay for. Of course, this doesn’t mean I will NEVER spend, but it’s certainly helpful for making better decisions on how and when I make weekend investments.

Saving the World

What I also decided to include was a list of changes I could make to wastage. Larry and I are moving to a new home, and we sat down and had a chat about how much packaging is used around the house, and we agreed that it’s time to do something about it. So there’s also a list of eco-friendly changes we can and will make when we move.

By the end of the Month

I will admit, the first couple of weeks I made many notes on my errors, but by the end of the month, I was keeping an extra eye on where my money was going and where to save, what foods I was consuming and how much exercise I was getting.  I honestly feel like this is something that has helped me and now I want to share it with you!


This was originally a personal document, but I feel that it could be of some use to someone. So, I am giving it away for free for anyone to use! I use it from payday to payday, but I have started this downloadable copy from the 1st of June. However, you can change the dates to your payday if you like. Be sure to change the start date of each week as each sheet doesn’t automatically change the rest.

All finances are calculated and I have written a standard list of what you may pay for each month, but you can change it however you like. The aim of this is to simply bring more structure into your life so that you can save money, eat well and enjoy each day as it comes. If you think this has helped you in some way, or if you think there is any way it can be improved, then I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment, tweet me or drop me an Insta DM!

Download the Lifestyle Planner for FREE here!

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