One of the main reasons for my blog is that I’m not a regular fitness blogger. Exercise is important, but I don’t feel like it’s something your have to focus your life around, and there is an area I feel we don’t cover enough: Our minds.

Whenever it gets colder I find myself wanting to go out less, but I need to keep my mind stimulated. So I bought myself a few things to keep myself busy during rainy days, and I feel so much better for it.

1. Sudoku or Puzzle Books

I found this little beauty in Poundland of all places! But cuteness aside I looooove Sudoku. I can get around 3/4 done in a couple of hours. There are many studies that suggest puzzles can help our brains as we get older, but personally, I feel at peace while I’m doing it as well.

2. Reading/Audiobooks


Who doesn’t love a good book? I’m not the biggest reader, so when I buy a book I make it my mission to complete it. I’m currently working my way through The Help by Kathryn Stockett. If you’re not a big reader, however, I recommend using Audible and spend an hour or two laying down and having a listen. It’s a great way to help your mind relax before bed.

3. Art Therapy


I’ve always been the artsy type, but I’m no longer a teenager. I don’t have as much time to be getting the easel out and whip up a painting, and sometimes I don’t have the brain power to do any decent drawings, but adult colouring really helps bring out my creative side.

4. Bullet Journals

I want to write a fuller piece on this as I am really into my new bullet journal. It keeps my mind and my life organised, and I can style it any way I wish. Not only do I feel on top of things, my creative side is brought out as I like to design each page differently.

5. Learn a new language


I’ve spoken about Memrise before when I was on Tumblr, but it’s the best app I have come across for learning a new language when you don’t have all the time in the world. What I love the most about this app, is that it gets you THINKING in the language you wish to learn. I use it for learning Korean, but there’s a whole list of languages to choose from!


A bonus to all these is that I save money in the long run by keeping myself distracted from going out and finding something to do. Though some days I will send myself to a local cafe, just so I’m out the house, I would still be spending half of what I normally would on a day out. What do you do to exercise your mind?


  1. I love Sodoku. I always felt like I was really nerdy for liking it but it definitely helps put your brain to the test, and after a few ones you do get better at it! Great post!

    • I think sudokus are awesome! The Footage on Oxford Rd have a sudoku on their menu which people absolutely love, so I wouldn’t say it’s nerdy 🙂

  2. I loveeee bullet journaling I just don’t do it enough! And I love the idea of colouring in books for adults. Some of the books have absolutely beautiful patterns, I’d do it if I wasn’t basically doing it every day for work haha!

    Laura xx

    • Haha, most of this stuff is either done on days off or in the evening when I want to be away from screens! I say pick whichever fits in with your time and brings you the most enjoyment x

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