Not long ago I was sent a sauce packet to review from Capsicana. I did create a meal and take photos, but as I’ve been away, I haven’t had the chance to write anything up yet. Well, now is the time! My memory may be a little bit hazy, so I’m mostly going to talk about how I cooked the food.

The packet does have a recipe on the back to help you create a meal, but as I’m vegan and the recipe was chicken, I decided to just do my own thing. The day I decided to get cooking with the sauce, I had just been to Levenshulme Market with ElsaEats and I had bought some fresh fruit and veg, so I decided to use them within the mix. So I had tomatoes in different colours and sizes, mixed mushrooms and spinach. I later decided to add sweetcorn last minute.


So, I chopped everything that needed chopping, and threw it all into a wok with coconut oil. I then boiled some brown rice. after a few minutes of cooking the vegetables, I added the sauce. and mixed.



The rice finished cooking around the same time as the veg and sauce, so in total it took about twenty minutes to make. Finally I seasoned the final product with piri piri rub.

The verdict? The sauce is really nice, but if I’m honest, it’s nothing special. The fact that it’s sold at Waitrose is enough to tell me I probably wouldn’t buy it myself, but if you ever fancy a throw in meal and you’re nearby, you may as well grab yourself a pack.


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