Pole, Aerial and the Environment: Our Ethical Responsibility in the Industry

If you aren’t already aware, I care deeply about environmental issues. However, when it comes to pole, aerial and the environment, I often wonder if there is more we could be doing. As the industry is still somewhat new to many of us, it could be easy to view our passion as something that doesn’t have much impact on the planet. However, I still think it’s important to make sure it doesn’t snowball into an environmental issue. While there are a few areas to discuss, this article will focus on pole wear.

Disclaimer: I understand that not many pole brands are size-inclusive. I’m not here to judge anyone who cannot shop at certain stores due to their lack of diversity. The sole focus here is sustainability.

Why should we take eco-responsibility?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally don’t see enough that connects sustainability and the pole/aerial industry. There are so many independent brands out there, which is great as there isn’t really such thing as “fast fashion” in the industry. But when looking at the top brands, I couldn’t find a lot of information regarding sustainability.

I’m not claiming anything against any brand, of course. I understand that sometimes you need to be somewhat secure in your business before moving onto eco-friendlier options, as these can cost more. I obviously urge all brands to make changes where possible, but this article is more about what we can do as consumers.

So, what can we do to be more sustainable in the pole/aerial industry?

There are numerous ways in which you can care for the environment without compromising your passion for pole or aerial.

Shop second hand

This is likely the cheapest way in which you can create an aerialist wardrobe while saving the planet. The only downside to this method is that it could be a waiting game before you find something that is both to your taste and in your size. I like to put some money aside in a savings pot until I find an absolute gem. However, as many of us like to shop swimwear and lingerie for our pole wardrobe, you could find some wonderful deals for as little as £5!

I bought this Polehog two piece via a Facebook selling group for only £30!

Tip: When shopping swimwear, be sure to consider how the top will protect against nip slips!

Research is essential

Ethically sourcing your pole/aerial wardrobe doesn’t always mean you can’t shop new. However, it’s important to know where your product is coming from. Numerous brands have some sort of sustainability ethos, whether it be organic/recycled materials or fair trade. If you cannot find information regarding sustainability, or the information you do find is too vague, they may be a brand you should wish to avoid.

Don’t shop ’til you drop

It’s exciting when you start to build your pole/aerial wardrobe, I get it! But it’s sooooooo easy to start treating it like fast fashion, especially if you’re in a fortunate financial position to do so. I have been guilty in the past of buying more sets than I would actually wear, only to find that I don’t care for half of them. I now make sure that I only buy outfits that I know I will truly cherish. This usually means paying a higher price but shopping far less often.

Sustainable brands and collections

If you’re not sure who do definitely shop with, I have done some digging to help get you started. Please note that each brand has a different approach to sustainability, so some may do more than others. Most of these brands I had never even heard of, but I’ll be sure to put them at the top of my list next time I shop new!


This brand does everything in their power to ensure not a single scrap of material goes to waste. Not only can you grab yourself a cute pole set, but you can even order matching scrunchies made from the leftover material! On top of this, they have a preloved programme, allowing customers to rehome their old purchases.


Lunalae uses recycled material to create glamorous pole wear and lingerie. I definitely suggest this brand if you prefer the boudoir look!

Leva Wear

Handmade in Germany, Leva Wear is a vegan clothing brand that uses organic cotton. Their items are designed with comfort and body positivity in mind. While the designs are simple, they are flattering for all body types and would be perfect for training!

Rad Polewear

The sustainable range from Rad Polewear is made using mostly recycled polyester, with added elastane for stretch. I really enjoy the bright colours available with this range and I would say the prices are quite good for sustainable materials!

Fanna Polewear

Fanna Polewear creates ethical polewear using ECONYL®, a material made from waste such as fishing nets and other nylon products. They also aim to waste as little material as possible when it comes to manufacturing. On top of this, they work with different charities throughout the year, donating some of their profits!

Tasty Treat

Tasty Treat aims to fight the pressures of fast fashion by focusing on evergreen designs as opposed to seasonal. What’s more, these clothes are designed with durability in mind. This means you should expect to get more wear for your money.

Update! Tasty Treat actually reached out to inform me that their items are made from recycled PET fabric, which is made from plastic bottles. Additionally, all items are made to order to avoid wasted inventory!

Pixie Hues

If you love the 80’s blend of bright pastels and neons, then I highly recommend Pixie Hues! Made from recycled Nylon, this brand will add the perfect pop of colour to your pole/aerial wardrobe!

What steps do you take to care for the environment in the pole/aerial industry?

I could honestly go on and on about the many things we could do when it comes to Pole, Aerial and the Environment. But for now, I’ll stop with our wardrobes!

Do you know any brands with a sustainability process I may have missed? Or perhaps you have some tips to help others do their bit that I may not have mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

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